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Auckland Regional Landfill

3 December 2018

Since the Overseas Investment Office approval for the purchase of land identified for a proposed new Class 1 Landfill for the Auckland region, Waste Management has been engaging with iwi, local stakeholders and the community.

Four Open Days were held at Springhill Estate, two in October and two just in the last week.

We were pleased to have more than 200 people attend across the four days, providing useful feedback, asking questions and learning more about our proposal.

We will continue to engage in consultation with iwi, local stakeholders and the community as we prepare our documentation for the resource consenting process.

Feedback and questions we receive from our engagement and consultation will be considered as part of our resource consent application.

For this project, Waste Management have asked that Auckland Council publically notify the consent application. We know this project is an important and significant part of the region’s future infrastructure and that many people will be interested to provide comment.
Being a publically notified process will mean that anyone is able to obtain a copy of the consent application that we lodge, make a submission and be heard during the consent hearing.  

We are expecting to lodge our consent application early in 2019.

We would like to thank all iwi, local stakeholders and the broader community who have engaged with us so far.

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In the mean time we welcome your ongoing feedback and questions, please contact us at or on 0800 927 837.


24 September 2018

Waste Management has obtained Overseas Investment Office approval for the purchase of land identified for a proposed new landfill for the Auckland region.

If the necessary resource consents are obtained with suitable conditions, the Auckland Regional Landfill will be located approximately 70 km from Auckland’s central business district. The entrance to the landfill will be 13 km north of Warkworth and 6 km south of Wellsford, with access directly off the current State Highway 1.

Waste Management currently operate the Redvale Landfill and Energy Park at Dairy Flat, which is consented to accept waste through to 2028. Depending on how quickly capacity at Redvale is used, a replacement facility is expected to be required between 2026 and 2028.

A new landfill would form part of the region's critical infrastructure, necessary to meet Auckland's growth.

Waste Management will now engage in open conversation and consultation, engaging first with iwi, local stakeholders and the community.

"We are commencing consultation now so we have sufficient time to engage properly with all stakeholders. As with our current landfills, we will meet all legislative requirements in terms of environmental performance standards, criteria and tests for the new landfill." said Mr Tom Nickels, Managing Director.

"We are committed to providing a solution for managing and disposing of waste on behalf of the community in an environmentally responsible and community-minded manner."

Waste Management has managed Auckland's largest landfill and energy park at Redvale for more than 20 years and is the largest integrated waste management provider in New Zealand.

Read our brochure about the proposal here

If you would like to know more, please contact us at or on 0800 927 837.



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