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Reliable Rubbish and Garden Services on your Doorstep

The right combination for your household

Every home is different, and the volume and type of household waste your family generates can vary over time, too. Waste Management’s regular kerbside collection options cater for all sorts of waste large or small families can generate. And there are options to change your bin size and frequency when the extended family and friends descend for the holidays.   

Keeping scavengers at bay

Food scraps, plastic packaging, meat trays, paper towels and all the smelly waste that ends up in your kitchen bin is an irresistible temptation for scavengers and birds. With Waste Management’s kerbside solutions, your waste will stay where it belongs, contained in a strong lidded bin instead of ending up strewn on the street.

Regular recycling of your garden waste

It’s easy to keep your garden in check with a regularly scheduled kerbside pick-up. Lawn clippings, shrub trimmings, general garden waste and tree prunings (up to 100mm) can all be picked up in a Garden Wheelie Bin along with your regular household waste. 

Proud, proactive and engaged

Our team is part of your community. We don’t just provide a reliable, responsive waste management service for your home, we do it with pride. That’s why our friendly team will always say ‘hi’ and ‘thank you’.

Supporting what matters

We know there are things you care about, and we care about them, too. We’re supporting many local projects such as the Motutapu Island restoration and Tiromoana Bush ecological restoration for future generations.



Safety is critical to the health and wellbeing of our people, our business and our communities.  Waste and environmental services is a hazardous industry with real risks, so safety is an everyday discipline for us, and nothing less than the best practise will do. Working closely with our team, our customers and the community, we are committed to ongoing improvements.



We are committed to providing you with exceptional service. As experts in our field, we offer waste and environmental services tailored and personal to your business or home. We have been supporting and looking after New Zealanders waste for over 30 years.

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Thank you for your enquiry. If your request is urgent you can call us on 0800 10 10 10.

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