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The changing nature of global recycling

What is happening to the price of recycling?
As China continues to restrict the import of certain types of recycled waste, the global recycling market continues to adjust and change, increasing significantly the amount of materials to be sold to other international and New Zealand markets, and driving down prices for those products.
This means companies who collect and process recyclable materials for customers and the community are being forced to increase prices for recycling services to help cover the cost of collection and processing.
Waste Management customers will experience increased prices for our recycling services as this situation continues.




What is Waste Management doing?
To date we have been able to continue to sell all of
our recyclable products as we have always done.
We are not stockpiling any recyclables.
We have maintained a range of customers outside
China, and are constantly sourcing new customers
for various types of recyclable material.
We are also positively seeking new ways of recycling
different materials. For example, we recently opened
New Zealand’s largest tyre recycling facility in
Wiri, Auckland.

See here for some key tips on how to reduce contamination

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